Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pouches and Corset Necklaces - Oh My!

I'm at week 5 of my healing. One more week and I can try to pick up my kids! Well... maybe I'll try to lift Lane, and we'll see about Logan in a few more weeks.

Anyway, since Terry has been home watching the kids (you wouldn't believe how much lifting you have to do during the day until you can't do it), I've been able to do some fun handsewing-type projects. No heavy lifting required!

I'm going to be doing a craft sale coming up in the middle of May. I'll let you know the details when the date is closer. So, I've been working on restocking some of my most popular craft sale items. After all I'm not all about video game coasters (although they are still the biggest craft sale seller).

I'm about corset necklaces:

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I have a purple corset! It hangs on my bulletin board at my desk and garners comments :) also I vibe good recovery karma at it , sort of, you know, , when I'm feeling new aggy (agie?) hahaha