Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Not Your Ordinary Friendship Bracelets

When I re-opened my shop on Sunday, I wasn't really expecting much. I just figured I'd ease back into it slowly. Oooops, well it seems that awesome people have other plans.

I received an order for a set of friendship bracelets shortly after I opened. The customer needed a cute Rock N Roll set for her son to give to his "best girl" on her 7th birthday. Awwww.... isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

I packed up the set and included a cute note for the lucky birthday girl. Then I checked to see how many sets I have left. These have been a popular item and I didn't have many left.

So as an easy (meaning mostly decorating and design and less sewing) project today, I made a couple of more sets and added them to the shop. The ones at the top of the post and the ones just below this writing are the new additions. This time I tried to make them a little more gender neutral just in case another little boy has ideas for his best girl. Wouldn't want any boys to feel embarrassed by wearing the matching bracelet now would I? These ones turned out so adorable.

Not Your Ordinary Friendship Bracelets - Disco Lady

And here are a few of my other faves.

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Steph said...

Those are so cute.
Wow you reopened your shop already? You=Superwoman.