Monday, 18 April 2011

Macrame Monday: Horizontal Clove Hitch

NO! The Horizontal Clove Hitch is not some kinky bedroom move. Shame on you for thinking so! Hahaha.... oh.... it was just me?

Oooops *blush*

Today we will learn how to tie a Horizontal Clove Hitch knot for Macrame!

Can I get a WOO?!

First we need to retrieve dowel with our starter cords tied onto it.

Then follow these simple steps:

1) Lay the first cord on the left across all the other cords on top. It may also be helpful to tie a knot at the end of this cord to distinguish it as our anchor cord. You can also pin it down at the curve to keep it in place. I ended up pinning my project to a pillow to keep it sorted out.

2) Take the second cord in the row and bring it up over the anchor cord and loop it over and around to the left (pictured above). Pull the cord taut to tighten the loop.

3) For the second half of the knot ... you didn't think we were done with this knot yet did you? ... Oh? Only I did? Yeah... I'm such a Macrame noob.

Anyway, for the second half of the knot you do the exact same thing as the first half only slightly to the right (pictured above). Pull the cords to tighten.

4) Continue to tie the first and second half of the Horizontal Clove Hitch knot using the next cords in line. They all are tied around the same anchor cord (that is why I tied a knot at the end of the anchor cord. I didn't want to get it mixed up).

To make a second bar of knots, just loop the anchor cord around and to the left and pin it in place. Then begin knotting at the right in reverse. It's actually not as complicated as it sounds. I had no problems knotting in reverse. Just try it out and you'll soon figure out a groove and flow.

My bars of Horizontal Clove Hitch knots aren't perfect, but they aren't too terrible for my first attempt. I think they will look lovely as part of my headband. :)

Stay tuned. The next Macrame Monday will feature the Diagonal Clove Hitch.

And no . . . the Diagonal Clove Hitch is not some kinky bedroom move either. Although it is kinda sexy.

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