Monday, 25 April 2011

Macrame Monday: Diagonal Clove Hitch

Nope, the diagonal clove hitch is not some sort of new wave Yoga pose.

It's Macrame silly! Which must mean that it's Macrame Monday!

Oh boy! Oh boy!

Today we're going to work on the diagonal clove hitch to make a pretty X pattern on our headband.

To make the diagonal clove hitch knot, just follow these simple steps:

1) Basically, this knot is the same as the horizontal clove hitch knot that we learned last week. The only difference is the way we pin our anchor cords. To make an X. we take the two outer most cords (one from each side) and pin them across to give them an X shape. I taped them all prettily on my deep freezer to show you. Nice eh?

2) Do a regular clove hitch from each side. Be careful to keep the cords in order. When you're going to the left, the knots are tied from left to right. When you're knotting the cord going down to the right, the knots are tied from right to left.

3) Cross the anchor cords in the centre and keep knotting until the full X is complete.

Actually, you can pretty much make any shape you want by using different cords as your anchor cords. Next week I'll show you how to start in the middle and make a pretty diamond shape in our headband.

Here's my first attempt on my headband. Not bad. A little wonky in parts
but hey, I'm still learning. Wouldn't it look really cool with some beads threaded on the straight parts? Oooh... I better hurry up and learn some more so that I can show you how to do that!

Next Macrame Monday: Diamonds!

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