Sunday, 17 April 2011

Logan's Upcycled Hats

Last year I tried and tried to make a summer hat for Logan. I took a look at his other fishing hats and worked at making a pattern. Somehow all my attempts failed. The hats were either too big, too small or ended up with crooked brims or fedora-looking disasters.

This year, I was determined to finally get it right. And voila! I didn't do too bad a job.

Here are two attempts. I noticed when I was sewing around the brim that the sides were a little smaller than the middles, which makes it difficult to sew even lines. But not bad.

And they are reversible! Here are the insides (or outsides if Logan so chooses). I made them out of a combination of fabric I had in my stash (the solid blue and the bison pattern) and upcycled fabric (the linen colour and the blue plaid).

This pic is a little fuzzy - it's super fun to pose a child who would rather goof off with the Band Hero equipment right next to him. I am not so in love with the front of this hat. There is a brown star shape embroidered into the patch, but you can hardly see it. So the hat ends up looking unfinished with a big brown dot in the centre that needs filling. I was thinking about using a fine blue fabric pen and outlining the star a little bit. The blue would match with the bison fabric on the inside. What do you think? Any ideas?

I made the giraffe blue one first. It ended up a little bit big, so I made the linen one a tad smaller. But Logan loves the blue one the best, so it'll get worn for a long time. What a cutie! (don't let him hear me say that though. He's handsome, but never cute according to him). Both of the patches I used on the fronts of these hats were also pulled off of outgrown clothes.

Phew! It's about time I figured out how to make these things. Who knew Logan's fishin' hats were such a pain in the .... to figure out?

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