Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How Tuesday: Wedding Stamp Shrinky Dink Hair Clippies

Pretty baby!

We played around with Shinky Dinks on the weekend and made some pretty cool hair clippies. Isn't Laney precious?

It was actually a bit of trial and error to get some workable clippies. So to spare you the time and energy of screwing up (like I did several times) I'll show you what worked.

Supplies Needed:
- a package of Shrinky Dinks paper (you can buy it at Michaels)
- bobby pins or hair barrettes of your choosing
- permanent markers (the Crayola ones pictures didn't work very well. The ink wouldn't stay). I suggest using the ink markers they suggest on the package of Shrinky Dinks.
- rubber stamp or design for your barrettes (I used our wedding stamp)
- Toaster Oven or regular oven for the Shrinky Dinks (plus baking sheets etc)
- Hot glue and glue gun

Time Needed:
- it could take anywhere from an hour or more depending on how detailed your design is and how fast you can draw and colour

Skill Level:
- Easy

Step One:
- use your rubber stamp and stamp a design on the Shrinky Dink paper.
- I you so choose, you can use your permanent paint markers to decorate, add colour or trace the design. This will ensure that the ink stays. I didn't do this and the red ink from my stamp took a really long time to set.

Step 2:
- cut around your design in the shape that you want your clippy decoration to be. Lay them out on your baking sheet. Follow the instructions in the Shrinky Dinks package to bake your design to teeny tiny perfection!

Step 3:
- admire how cute and tiny your creations are. Adorable little Terry and Tawny wedding medallions.

Step 4:
- use your hot glue gun to glue the medallions to your bobby pins or barrettes. I put paper in between the bobby pins so that I would accidentally glue them together.

Ooops, Lane put her thumb on one of them before it dried. If you use permanent paint markers, this shouldn't be a problem.

Step 5:
- Ta Da! Pretty pretty pretty. Let them dry and enjoy wearing your pretty creation!

Lane had to admire her in the mirror :D

Hmm they still won't hold down my crazy curls. But they are super cute!

While I was busy trying (and failing) to make turtle and ladybug clippies, Logan was busy making a marker creation of his own. This is his "I (heart) Edmonton" picture. Pretty awesome eh?

Once I actually get out and buy some paint markers, I'll make a few more versions of these Shrinky Dink hair clippies and show you all that it can be done better. But these wedding stamp ones are pretty cute anyway. And it's nice to find another use for that stamp because I love it so much.

If you try out this How To, I'd love to see the results. Share in a comment below or in email. Or join the Tawny Bee Flickr Group and show off your stuff!

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