Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How Tuesday: Maternity Pants Into Capris

Do you like my new Capris?

They will be awesome to wear while running around after the kids this summer. So comfy.

And do you believe that they used to be maternity pants?

Yup - that is me wearing the "before" pants. I loved these pants when I was pregnant. My aunt sent them to me to wear and I wore them A LOT! But what to do with them now? I tried to continue wearing them for awhile, but they just made me look like a fat slob. Too baggy in all the wrong places. But still so comfy.

I decided they needed a Capri make-over!

Join me while I show you how it's done. Then you can go and update some of your maternity pants too :D

Supplies Needed:
- one pair of old maternity pants
- matching thread
- sewing machine

Time needed:
- this project took me 20 minutes and I was busy taking pictures of every step

Skill Needed:
- easy, some sewing machine work

These pants have two pretty pink stripes along the sides. I didn't want to touch those, so I had to do the adjustments along the in-seam.

Step one:
Turn your pants inside out. Try them on. Very carefully pin along the in-seam where you would like to "take in" the pants. This can be a little tricky. Be sure not to poke yourself! Make sure also to mark where you would like to cut off the pants. Capris can be any length from mid-ankle to right above your need. Whatever is your personal preference. I marked mine a little below my knee.

If you don't wanna stare at the picture of my crotch (above) then here is another picture of the pants laid out.

Those tiny white dots are actually the pins I used to measure. The ones in the middle of the pants are marking the length I want.

Step Two:
- Cut the legs of the pants off a little bit below the marking you made to allow to a hem.

Step Three:
- sew in a line along where your pins are. All the way up one leg's in-seam, through the crotch and down the other leg's in-seam. Be sure to stitch twice over the crotch area because it's where most of the wear on the garment will be.

Step Four:
- Cut the excess fabric away from your seam. Leave a little bit of fabric there to finish seams. I left mine unfinished because I was using a pair of knit pants that don't fray anyway. Finish the seams with a serger or a zig zag stitch if you're using a fabric that frays.

Step Five:
- Hem your Capris.


Don't I look cute? I could probably stand to take them in a bit in the bum as well. Maybe I'll wait until I'm all healed up and start exercising again. I'll take them in at the back after I lose a few pounds ;)

As always, if you try out this tutorial with a pair of your own maternity pants, I would love to see the results. You can email me (link in my profile) with a photo, post a blog about it and link it in the comments below, or share on the Tawny Bee Flickr Group.


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