Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter from Team L-T

*sing* We're all looking for bunny clues.
We're all looking for bunny clues.
We're all looking for bunny clues.
Wonder where they are? /sing

I you haven't had the wonderful opportunity to watch Blue's Clues about one hundred zillion times, then just ignore our little Easter song hehehe.

Happy Easter everyone!

Logan left his Easter basket out last night with a plate full of lettuce for the Easter bunny. Yum yum!

And the Easter bunny left him a series of clues to find his candy.

The Easter bunny used some cute printable from Catch My Party

The Easter bunny used GIMP to write clues on the pretty Easter printables.

Here are the clues if you were curious. They rhyme - oh that clever bunny!

The clue on the dining room table where Logan left his basket the night before said:

Uh Oh!
The Easter Bunny is playing a trick on you.
You'll have to hop to it and figure out this clue.
Where are the candy and treats?
Maybe in the kitchen under the seats?

Under the seats in the kitchen this clue was placed:

Hmmm not here
The Easter Bunny isn't mean
Maybe he hid something near the exercise machine?

On the pedal of the Elliptical was this clue:

Not here either!
But the bunny was kind and left a note.
Could your candy be where you hang your coat?

Inside Logan's coat pocket was this clue:

Nope not here.
But the candy and treats are almost caught.
Could they be hiding in your favourite hide and seek spot?

Logan and Lane love to hide under the covers in mommy and daddy's room. And there's where they found the candy!

All of Logan's favourites - Sponge Bob, Cream Eggs and Kinder Surprise.

All of Laney's Favourites - marshmallow Peeps and Smarties. Plus a puppy with bunny ears!

I hope all are having a terrific Easter. We will be enjoying one terrific turkey dinner tonight. Yay!

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