Friday, 15 April 2011

Food Friday: Fresh Meals and Gifts

Since I'm still on hiatus from cooking meals, this food Friday is brought to you by Fresh Meals and Gifts.

My aunt is a smart cookie and thought about how our family was going to cope with one chef down for awhile. Terry is a good cook, but who wants to cook every single day? And who can stand to go out every single day?

So she gave us a gift card to Fresh Meals and Gifts located here in Winnipeg.

We went to their website and ordered a ton of meals. They delivered them all yesterday afternoon.

They are made to eat fresh or to warm up after being frozen.

Last night we broke into the spinach dip. Yum! It was so good that it didn't last long between the two of us.

Tonight we decided to try out the Venetian Meatballs. Again - yum!

Easy to heat up and enough for the whole family. We ate a family sized Greek Salad with our meal.

Actually, we have leftovers of that to eat tomorrow with our next meal.

This should really help ease Terry's chore list. Warming up good nutritious meals that we can eat at home has made our lives a lot easier while I heal.

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

what a fabulous gift!!