Saturday, 9 April 2011

DIY Sticker Book

When I was 6 and 7 years old, I was totally obsessed with my sticker collection. That is why, when I was poking around in my saved tutorials folder for a gift for my little cousin, I knew that I had to try this one. She's going to be just the right age to really like this sort of thing.

A DIY sticker book! Awesome!

Samster Mommy's instructions were perfect. My technique... well... not so perfect... but it still turned out well. I used a board board that Lane had pulled almost all the tabs off of.

I got my first chance to use spray glue. I'm liking it. Although that could be the fumes talking. Well ventilated areas are definitely needed. I had the windows open and the fan going while doing this little project.

I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to find Freezer Paper in white. I've read all sorts of stories online about Canadians having a rough time finding the stuff. I had no problems at all. It was on the shelf at the first store I checked - Safeway. :) I tested a few stickers on the plastic coating and they don't tear when pulled off. Bonus!

Gluing the ribbon along the sides is a lesson in patience. The straight edges were alright, but the rounded one at the top was awful. I almost wish I'd had the sense to cut that rounded edge off before I attempted this step. Oh well, I'm sure you will all forgive my "ruffled" look.

Pretty cool eh? Logan insists that the next board book that Lane breaks is going to be a sticker book for him. Hehehe, I see a lot of "Lane, do you want to read?" coming from Logan in the future. She loves to destroy her books. Uh oh.

I added the pink sparkly stickers to the front. And I'll add a sticker package in with the gift to get Miss Caitlyn started. I love this handmade gift!


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Unknown said...

Too cute!! I remember having a sticker book too. Love how you used a board book!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

awesome! even while in recovery that crafting gene has you going and going! like the energizer bunny :)