Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Did You Say Loot?

Conversations with Logan:

Lane: Fruit!

Logan: Did you say loot?

Followed by peals of laughter from both children.

More conversations with Logan:

Lane: Rice!

Logan: Did you say mice?

Followed by more laughter from both kids. This is hilarious stuff people.

The conversations have evolved.

Lane: Mommy!

Logan: Did you say mice?

The word doesn't even need to rhyme anymore. This is still mucho hilarious to both children.

And now he's got us doing it:

Lane: (fussy because she's getting a diaper change and that sucks)

Mommy and Daddy: Did you say loot?

The immediate reaction to this ridiculous comeback is always laughter and then:

Lane: Logan says that!

So folks... I wanna know...

Did you say mice?

Hahahahahaaha :P

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