Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thundercats Laptop Cover

Obviously this laptop cover is not a project for me. You might ask, "But Tawny, you said that you were going to concentrate on projects for yourself in your last post. How could you have failed at that already?"

Ack! That's pretty harsh...

Kidding! When Terry saw that I had my very own sewing machine cover made out of fabric from a bunch of my past projects, he got a little jealous. He wanted something with personality as a cover for his most valuable object as well. Well I couldn't very well make him a cover for his desktop computer - heat fans and all that stuff. But I could make him a nice laptop cover to take to work with him and show all his co-workers how nerdy he really is.

But to make it a secret project for me, I decided to try out my new walking/even feed foot for my sewing machine.

Sexy isn't it? I actually got this bad boy last summer, but haven't found the time or the confidence to try it out. I have no idea why I waited! It took about 5 minutes to figure out how to attach it and then it was just regular sewing. It works like a dream. Sewing through a bunch of slippery layers on this cover was a breeze. I should have used it for numerous past projects now that I think about it.

Anyway, I used this tutorial again. I've used to 3 times now and still find it super simple and awesome. I love how I can measure the laptop and make it to fit.

I used a shiny denim textured fabric for the main cover. I ironed on the Thundercats label. You can see that my iron has been giving me troubles lately. When I want steam, it won't do it. When I don't want steam, because I'm ironing on a precious label on my last scrap of shiny denim fabric, it decides to sputter and make run marks. Grrr... Notice how I framed the logo with some ribbon. That wasn't supposed to be there, but I needed something nice to cover up most of the dreadful sputter marks. Sneaky eh?

I used Spiderman - the same as Logan's jammies - for the inside.

The laptop fits nicely inside and it's super nerdy! Terry loves it.

Yup - now back to sewing for myself. And playing with my new walking foot. So nice.


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