Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tawny's Tattooed

(I'm currently in Edmonton awaiting my new heart valve surgery. I scheduled a few posts for your amusement while I'm gone. Today I should be visiting with my surgeons and anesthetists and learning about recovery at home. Joy.)


This being a momentous week in my life, thoughts turn to what I'm going to do to commemorate it in my memory. Scrap booking? Probably not going to happen. I'm terrible at that sort of piddly stuff. I still have yet to scrap book any of the kids births or momentous events.

Blog? Yes. There will be plenty of blog posts. I like the thought of having my life written down somewhere. Even if it is mostly fluff and silly photos of the kids.

Tattoo? That's an interesting idea.

Did I ever tell you that I intend to get my kids' names tattooed on each of my ovaries. I think Laney came from the left and Logan from the right ovary heehee. (Actually I think I did tell you, but it was in one of the first posts I did on this blog damn near 4 years ago!)

An artist friend of mine - RJ - designed this awesome one for Logan. Notice the Wolverine scratches. I will get it done someday when we have some extra money.

And in case you don't know me and haven't seen the tattoos I already have, I'll show you. I love blog posts about tattoos, so if you have any to show off, link me in the comments. I'd love to check 'em out.

There's my first one. If you read Chinese, then you'll know that character is my maiden name. (Yes, I have a very common Chinese name). Or if you're like most people, you will look at me, think I'm only a white girl and assume that this symbol is an inukshuk. That's cool too. And if you read Chinese and don't know me, you laugh and think this white girl has it all wrong and has a very common Chinese name tattooed on her. Haha, it's happened.

Sorry for the blurry picture. It's really hard to take a photo of your backside (actually it isn't my backside, it's right above my backside, but still...) This Smurf kinda commemorates my first heart surgery. You see, when you're a kid in a hospital, flowers don't seem all that interesting. My dad used to bring me Smurfs instead. A much better get well gift in my opinion.

My dad stayed with me in the hospital every time I was in the hospital and this time is no different. He's slated to arrive in time to be there when I wake up. :)

I hope he brings me Smurfs.


Jennie said...

I've never been impressed by cartoon character tatts before, but then I've never seen one that had genuine significance! I've got two, one on my right shoulderblade which I love and one on my right hip which wasn't done the way I wanted. I want to get another on my left shoulder, and perhaps have something done to the one on my hip so I love it more.

Steph said...

Such a great story about the Smurfs. Glad your dad could be with you this time!

Cool tattoos!

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