Saturday, 26 March 2011


For those of you who haven't been bugged by me on Facebook or Twitter, I thought I'd post an update.

The surgery went brilliant! I was awake the next day but kinda sick. By yesterday I was on my feet and walking around. I even got a shower and managed to wash and brush my hair just fine.

None of you bothered to tell me that with good circulation everything turns pink! I can't stop looking at my toes. They have been a bluish hue all my life. Now they are a heavenly pink :)

I feel so good. Too bad this bone takes 6 weeks to heal. I'll definitely be running circles around you soon. Think of all the stuff I accomplished at 55% blood flow. I'm going to be super mommy now! Watch out!

Anyway, I've attached a file to this mobile post of me and my dad at the healing garden yesterday. Docs say I can get out of here tomorrow morning. Yay! I'm already bored.

And do you know I still haven't been given any Jello? What kind of hospital is this anyway?
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anita said...

Going home tomorrow?! Such great news. Glad everything went well and that all is pink in your world ;)

Unknown said...

Wow! You are seeing and feeling the effects already! That is awesome and I'm so happy you get to go home soon! Woohoo!

Your robe looks gorgeous (goes so well with pink!) and love the pic with you and your dad!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well! Yay :)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

yay yay yay!!
so happy to hear you are doing well!!