Friday, 25 March 2011


While I had that horrible cough, I ended up getting a massive headache by the end of each day. I think my poor brain couldn't handle being rattled around in my skull every time I coughed. Yuck!

So I would reach for the Tylenol. I did this once at the dinner table and Lane perked up right away. She started shouting, "Pieces! Pieces! More!"

Uh oh... the little girl had my Tylenol confused with her beloved snack Reece's Pieces.

They do kind of look alike...

Yikes! That gave me a shiver down my spine. I now know that if Lane ever gets a hold of any Tylenol, she might actually eat all of them thinking they are candy.

We somehow never had this problem with Logan. We told him not to go near our medicine and he never did. Actually, we're probably terrible parents here, but we know that he can get past the child proof caps. He likes to study things and figure them out. He figured out how to pop a child proof cap by 18 months.


But we never worried much about that because Logan never showed any interest in eating them or even going near them.

But now, with Lane it's a whole other situation. We're definitely putting our medication further out of reach. (Lest you think we're totally awful parents, our medication has always been out of reach of little children). We are considering a locked cupboard. Especially with the new medication that will be introduced into the house due to my surgery.

Right now, we'll be storing out medication in the cupboard above the fridge. Even I can't reach it without a stool and no climbing kids will be able to get into it.

What do you do with your medications? High up storage? Locked cupboard? Bathroom medicine cabinet?

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