Monday, 28 March 2011

Macrame Monday: An Introduction

Welcome to Tawny Bee's Macrame Revolution.

My goal: The learn macrame while I'm recovering from heart surgery. I need something simple that I can work on while sitting relatively still. I'd love to have some company on this journey. So I'll be posting my progress from the beginning and hopefully you can learn along with me.

End result: To change the world through the lost art of macrame. OK... maybe not. But we should be able to make a few cool, retro things by the time we're done. :)

So let's begin at the beginning.

What is Macrame?

Basically, Macrame is an art form used to make textiles and accessories using knotting techniques rather than traditional knitting or crochet. It was very popular in the late 60s and 70s.

Materials Needed?

To get started, you don't need very much. You need some sort of string, cord, etc and something to anchor it to. You can use practically anything:
- string
- cord
- present wrapping ties
- yarn
- ribbon
- embroidery thread
- old nylons cut into strips
- fabric cut into strips
- even stretched VHS tape!
Anything you can knot, you can use.

For the purposes of learning, I will be using plain old brown yarn that I've had laying around for years and years. Don't want to use anything too fancy while I'm learning. I will screw up a lot!

As for something to start tying your yarn to, I've been reading about many suggestions:
- work your project over a mannequin or dress form
- the back of a chair
- attach your cord to a drawer handle and close it inside a drawer
- pin the cording around a pillow
- cardboard marked off in inches for accurate measuring
- dowels
- I've even seen pictures of people tying the ends of their cord to their feet!

Again, for the purposes of learning, I'm going to start my first project on a dowel. That way I can transport it or put it away and work on it in bed if I'm not feeling well.

You will also need working hands :P To tie the knots of course!

So gather up your materials and meet me back here soon to begin tying our first knots!


Let the Macrame Revolution Begin!

Coming up:
Measuring our cord and anchoring it to begin a project.


Macrame Lover said...

What a great concept you have! Not sure about changing the world, but kill some time and learn a fun way to relax and have a creative outlet at the same time? Better than solitare! I wanted to let you know about my blog, it's all about macrame and you'll find a lot of beginner stuff there, so check it out, and happy knotting!

Anonymous said...

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