Thursday, 3 March 2011

Life Postponed

Are you happy cough? You were so bad last night that you made me phone my cardiologist this morning in desperation. My cardiologist then told me to phone my heart surgeon in Edmonton. My heart surgeon in Edmonton then made the decision to postpone my heart surgery for 2 weeks.

Now Terry's gotta reschedule his time off. We've now got to figure out how we will register Logan for kindergarten because the registration is during the time we'll be gone. And what about the cheese? Did you ever stop to think about the cheese, cough? Logan's cheese fundraiser is coming in on the 22nd and who will be there to pick it up and deliver to all the nice people who ordered it in support of the pre-school? Who, cough? Who?

You must be pretty darned pleased with yourself cough because you've almost spit my lung out at me in a fit of pure elation.

I am not pleased. Cough, this is your notice of eviction. You have disrupted our lives enough. I want you to pack up your germs and kindly leave now.

P.S. - you can also leave the lungs of my baby daughter as well.

Thank you.

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

don't sweat Kindergarten registration, just call the school. You can easily register another day and ask for your own tour if you missed the open house.