Thursday, 10 March 2011

Introducing: Laney's Emergency Hat Size 2

One of my most popular patterns released last year was Laney's Emergency Bonnet. At the time I only released size 1 because that was Lane's size and the size that I was selling at Tawny Bee.

Remember cute little Lane wearing her green garden bonnet everywhere last summer? The photo above was taken at her birthday party. That well loved bonnet got chocolate cake all over it, plus it was so faded by the sun that it was almost yellow instead of green by the end of summer. It had an awesome run and did its job so well.

Well, my baby is growing up and this year she is going to need size 2. And do you know what that means for you?

Yup - you got it! The release of the size 2 pattern! Free for download right here.

Laney's Emergency Bonnet Size 2 - Back
Laney's Emergency Bonnet Size 2 - Top

Please visit the original tutorial for assembly instructions and for the size 1 downloadable pattern.

Yay! I bet there are a lot of little girls who need a bigger size coming up this year. The name "Emergency Bonnet" was so given because last year I was caught in the sunshine without a hat for Lane. I had to make one and quick! This year I won't be caught again, but I'm still going to call it The Emergency Bonnet. :D

As always, you are free to use this pattern for whatever you choose. You can make it for your little girl, your friend's girls, the little alien that lives in your back yard (come on - I know some of you have one!), whoever. You can also make them to sell (although I'd like a little credit for the design in the listing or somewhere if you choose to be super nice).

And if you don't sew, but love the Emergency Bonnet, Tawny Bee has a couple for sale. And will have more once I recover from my heart surgery and feel like whipping up a bunch. I have a few pre-orders I've got to bang out as well, so snap yours up now if you're in the market for one.

I decided to make an upcycled version in Size 2 as well. Yah!

Upcycled Raspberry Plaid


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Naturally Me Creations said...

What cute little hats!! :) They're adorable...

Tnx so much for coming by to link this up at my party this weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this bonnet and appreciate the free pattern. It is so sweet! I was wondering when you'll be able to make bigger sizes? Or at least explain how you make the pattern bigger? I was hoping to make some of these for family & friends to buy to help raise money for our adoption.

Tawny said...

I actually don't have any plans to make bigger sizes until next summer. But I'll explain how to make the pattern you see bigger.

First you measure the child you want to make a bonnet for. You'll need the measurement from one side below the chin, up around the head and down to the other side of the chin. Add and inch to that for seam allowance and that will be the the straight side of the pattern.

Second, measure from where you want the bonnet to sit in the front (a little past the forehead to block out the sun, to the back of the head. Add an inch for seam allowance and that will be the length you need for the top of the head. Connect it together so that it looks like the size 2 pattern I made.

Third, once you have the top pattern piece roughed out, you can use it to measure out the back of the hat piece. You can even bend it like it would look when the bonnet is assembled and make the back piece by tracing. Remember that if the back piece is a little smaller, it's OK because you can gather the top edge to make it fit and add a cute gathered look at the back.

Hmmm... that sounds a bit confusing. If you need more explanation or have questions, please feel free to email me (link in my profile) and I'll try to figure it out with you. :)

Good luck with your fund raising!

Youthful One said...

I'm so excited to make this for my girls.
My nearly 11 yr old daughter saw this post and requested we make it for an upcoming birthday tea party.
QUESTION: On the Bonnet Top size 2 pattern, it says to cut on the fold. This confuses me. Am I misunderstanding this instruction? Wouldn't the folded edge of the fabric/lining be the only place I wouldn't cut?

Thanks for your help!

Tawny said...

Hi Youthful One - Cut on Fold is a silly way of saying that particular term. I often wonder myself about why that wording is the most common way of saying the method. Here is the best definition/explanation of the term that I could find (and explains it better than I can):