Monday, 21 March 2011

Hop on Pop

I'm in Edmonton today enjoying the day before I have to go to my pre-admission appointment. I've scheduled this fun post for your reading enjoyment :)

My kids think that Terry is a jungle gym. It's been a long winter without a park to play at. Daddy is the next best thing.

Please excuse the sad mess that is my rec room. These kids only want to climb all over daddy.

While I recover, I hope they don't hurt daddy's back too much. We can't have two weak people in this house with these rambunctious kids!

Poor daddy never gets any rest. It's hop on pop all day long.

He can't even play on his computer. The boy jumps on his back. (This is a crappy photo from my phone, but you get the idea).

Yipes! Is spring here yet? Are you looking forward to a time when your kids can get outside and run some energy off at the park? We sure are!

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