Friday, 4 March 2011

Give It a Rest Already!

Terry makes a good point today. He told me that I should forget about extra sewing for the shop during this two week delay and just sew what I want. It's a chance to sew whatever the heck I want without guilt, because I wasn't supposed to have this time to sew anyway.

Good idea eh?

So I finished something that I've been meaning to make for a long time. A sewing machine cover!

I don't really have use for a sewing machine cover most of the time. I use the darn thing everyday. But I'm going to be taking a long sewing hiatus while I'm recovering and I'd like to thank my machine for all the work it does by covering it with something pretty during the break. The cover also makes my entire sewing area look a little more classy.

Well... maybe "classy" is not the word.

I used this popular tutorial featured on Sew Mama Sew. Instead of using 7 different fabrics, I made each square (all 28) a different piece from my scraps. So if I go into serious sewing withdrawals, at least I can look back and remember all the fun things I've sewn.

Terry took one look at my sewing machine covered up and said, "So now you're done for awhile right?"

Psshhhh... I have two extra weeks! I'm gonna have some fun sewing all the things that I've put off because they were for me and something was always more important.



So should I give it a rest? I'll let some of these awesome people decide:
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Steph said...

I think Terry had an awesome idea. The sewing machine cover is just gorgeous. Love how you used all different fabrics!

Thinking of you and hope the surgery goes well. In the meantime, enjoy your two weeks of sewing bliss!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have snippets from past projects covering your machine.

Kimberlee said...

Those are some fun scraps. Love that you used all different fabrics.