Friday, 18 March 2011

Food Friday: Rolled Lasagna

**** Disclaimer: I am not Italian. This is not an authentic Italian recipe. It's the lazy man's way to making lasagna (other than buying store bought frozen ones of course). But it's quick (well if you think 1.5 hours compared to the 3 or 4 for authentic lasagna is quick) and tasty as long as you're not picky. ****

So continue reading if you are interested in how badly I've bastardized authentic Italian cuisine. But don't say I didn't warn you!

- ground beef (some) *
- lasagna noodles (a half a box)
- spaghetti sauce (a jar full)
- grated cheese - whatever is your fave. I use a 3 cheese blend (one package)
- garlic, onions, mushrooms (whatever you like in your lasagna to taste)

* Note: I hate putting quantities of ground beef on here because you are never gonna go to the store and find the exact measurement. Use what you have.

- Boil your lasagna noodles until soft
- Brown your ground beef. Add in garlic, onions, mushrooms, whatever else you like in your lasagna.

- run your softened noodles under some cold water. You'll be rolling them, so make sure they are cool to the touch. Don't want any steam disasters!

- In a large bowl, mix your beef mixture, spaghetti sauce and 3/4 of the package of cheese together.

- on a clean counter top or cutting board, lay out a noodle. Spread some of the beef mixture onto it and roll it up.

- place the rolled lasagna noodle in a 9 by 13 un-greased baking dish. Do this another 11 or so times until you have your baking dish full.

- Cover the baking dish with some loose tinfoil and bake in 350 degree oven for 50 minutes.
- at 50 minutes, take the dish out of the oven and place the remaining 1/4 grated cheese on the top. Put back in oven until cheese is melted and bubbly - about 10 minutes.

- Serve and enjoy!

Notice that I put cheese on one side more than the other? That's just because I can't eat as much cheese as the rest of my family. The bare side is for me :D

I actually learned this recipe from a commercial that was on about 15 years ago for grated cheese (I think Sargento?). Because it was a 30 second commercials, measurements and method were explained very quickly. I've recreated the general idea and the one that works best for me! Anyway, my family eats it up. Num num.


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Unknown said...

That looks super yummy. I'm sure my girls would gobble it up. Thanks for making it look easy!

chezmay said...

That looks so yummy and so much easier than my lasagne. We'll be having that for dinner tonight. I love all the recipes you've posted, Tawny, please keep up the great work.

Holly Lefevre said...

Lovin' the concept of rolled lasagna! Creative. Thanks for linking to tickled pink!