Monday, 14 March 2011

Crafty Monday: Shamrock Door Hangar

I thought I was going to be just arrived back home on St. Patrick's Day, so I didn't really plan any fun and "lucky" crafts for the kids.

This one was a spur of the moment sort of craft loosely based on this one at Crafts By Amanda.

First we got some foam hearts - 12 of them for thickness. We glued them together in four batches of 3.

Then we cut out some green felt. Don't want pink shamrocks do we? We glued the felt onto the tops of all 4 batches of hearts.

Then we glued the hearts together with hot glue (I did this part while Logan watched). It forms a good luck shamrock.

Then we glued some ribbon on the back as a hang tag and decorated the front with buttons! Lane had a terrific time sorting and looking at all the buttons. She chose the ones that Logan glued onto the front. Pretty!

Doesn't our door look festive? This is a perfect craft to do with kids. It only takes about a half an hour and holds short attention spans. Logan's not sure what St. Patrick's Day is, but he's looking forward to wearing green on that day! :D

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with kids? I guess green beer is out of the question? hahaha

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