Wednesday, 2 March 2011

And They've Started Again

You may remember during the last big change in our lives - Logan starting pre-school, I had several anxiety dreams.

Well they've started again. I guess it's for good reason. My brain is stressed out to the max with the thoughts of impending surgery and trip to Edmonton.

Last night I dreamed that I awoke from my surgery only to find out that my family had decided that they didn't need me anymore. They went home to continue their lives without me and I was left all alone in the hospital. Gah...

The night before that was even more horrific. I dreamed that while I was in surgery, Terry and the kids went out to have some fun and keep distracted. Terry, not knowing his way around, took a wrong turn and got into a car accident. I awoke from my surgery in time for doctors to tell me that all my family was gone. Horrible beyond all reason.

I hate these dreams. I'm getting no sleep and I'm exhausted. I hate that I'm getting them now when I'm trying to rally. So for the next two days I'm definitely on rest. My cough is getting a bit better, but I have one week before surgery and I need to get better. I just wish I could sleep.

Dreams are weird things aren't they? I really hope none of those things I dream are happening to another Tawny in an alternate reality. Yikes. (And yes, Terry just finished watching a ton of Sliders, so alternate universes are on my mind).

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Jennie said...

Poor poor you. I hope your brain gives you a break tonight.