Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Pants Factory

Not much I can say about this little project. I needed pants in the worst way - boring pants.

I got tired of wearing maternity pants or jogging pants and there is no way that I can fit into any of the pants I had before I had Logan, so there it was. A nice big pile of boring sewing for me!

So I cranked out 4 pairs of the same style in the past two months.

The best part = I got all this fabric in the clearance section for $4/metre. So my pants basically cost me $8 each. Can't beat that! I couldn't even get a decent pair of pants like this for $32 (which is what is cost me to make all 4 if you don't wanna do the math).

I don't even like shopping for fabric to make pants. It's all so boring.

But I do love this style. Wide leg. Big, comfy elastic around the waist. Nothing fancy, but goes with pretty much anything. Purple, Brown, Plaid (I even matched up with plaid so well - booya) and Cream. They are all heavy, suiting weight. And I actually really like them. Anything beats wearing old maternity clothes and jogging pants everyday. I just want to look human again.

Not bad for boring ole pants eh?


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Angie said...

I love boring pants, they make me feel VERY not-so-boring!! I would love a tutorial if you ever have time!

Visiting from F&J

Unknown said...

Looks so comfy! I could use some new pants myself...thanks for the inspiration!