Saturday, 19 February 2011

TEDxMB: A Mom's Perspective

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to wrap up my ideas and experiences from attending TEDxManitoba on Tuesday.

The whole point of gathering 20 amazing speakers and 100 attendees from all walks of life was: Ideas Worth Spreading.

The attendees were chosen very carefully. We each met the criteria that TED looks for and were tasked with the somewhat overwhelming responsibility of taking all these ideas that were thrown at us and running with them.

So - what ideas am I going to spread?

What do I have to contribute to the conversation?

How the hell is this little mommy from Winnipeg going to change the world?


See? Overwhelming responsibility.

Here's what I've got so far:

1) Tell all my nerdy friends (I've got A LOT of them!) that robots are not going to enslave mankind if they ever reach consciousness. The Darwinian Survival of the Fittest instinct in not strong in them.

2) Plant the seed started by Karen Letourneau by harassing... um... I mean.. gently nudging the ultrasound operators that I meet in Edmonton about their standards. Perhaps ask them if they know how to pick out a heart defect in a fetus? The seed might grow into someone asking questions and changing practices for another province or two.

3) Find a way to supplement my children's education by teaching them by doing (or playing) instead of lecture and workbook sort of activities. They will get enough of the latter at school.

4) Sew tighter clothes - then my family will become lean, mean, faster machines. Wait. Maybe not. How about using technology to improve our knowledge and training in the activities we find most interesting. Perfect excuse to buy a knitting machine? Just sayin'

5) Something I've already been doing a lot of, but need to be reminded every now and then - take the kids outside. Show them the life beyond the edge of the screen.

6) The dreams that I think are impossible (because I'm a boring adult) are not impossible. Really listen to my kids when they come up with ideas. Never tell them that their ideas can't be realized. You can 3D print food now for heaven's sake. Anything is possible. And I only have 3 words for you about this: Cheese Shuttle... dude...

I've been told that this logo was 3D printed. I took a 2D pic of it. So if you took this photo and tried to print it - my mind would kerplode!

7) There is such a thing as a "cousin rock" and Caitlyn and Devin shall have one when we next meet.

I didn't just learn from the speakers though. I had tons of inspiring conversations with the attendees as well:

8) Winnipeg as a community needs to stop with their self-deprecating attitude. We live in a wonderful city with amazing, talented people and a rich culture. (Oh and I think I met a future mayor of Winnipeg as well, although he won't admit it).

9) It is possible to be allergic to watermelon, but not the seeds, just the flesh. What? Ground breaking.

10) A sabbatical from your day job (in this case it was computer programming) is the best thing for a person. It leaves you free to pursue your other dreams.


Gosh, I feel like I've just written a "Ten Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation"-type essay.

More thoughts to come as they become realized within the swarming mass of buzzing that is currently my brain.

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Jennie said...

I hope you keep motivated and spread your experience as widely as possible!