Monday, 14 February 2011

Tawny's Grammy Awards Fashion Round Up

Happy Valentine's Day.

Logan and I are hanging out doing a little painting while Terry takes Lane to the pediatrician for her 18 month shots. Eeek! It's going to be a very crabby kind of Valentine's Day at our house.

Soooo... instead I'll just write about the Grammy Awards that were on last night.

Do you watch the Grammy Awards for the music?

Nah! Me neither!

I watch for the fashion!

Here is my round up of the best and worst from last night:

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Gorgeous! And that's saying a lot because Nicole wasn't even there to present or accept an award. She was there for her husband. But her dress was so pretty, pretty, pretty.

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Babs - not my kind of music, but the dress was perfection. Barbra Streisand looked so beautiful. Even her hair was awesome. Me likes the loose waves look.

Honourable mention:

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What is up with Heidi? I'm usually expecting her to be completely hideous. But I actually like this gold dress. Makes her look a little like an Oscar statuette. I can't say that I like the seam down the front (is that what that is?) but it's better than usual, so ... yay!

But there were more train wrecks than best dressed as usual:

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Oh poor Rihanna. I love your hair so much - and your flawless skin. But that dress is tragic.

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And Nicki Minaj, I have no idea who you are, so I forgive you the animal prints and even the bride of Frankenstein hair. But I draw the line at the cotton candy pink lipstick. Yikes!

There was actually one highlight on the music front from the Grammy Awards. Muse won!

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And their performance rocked. Given the recent events in Egypt, Muse's performance was both timely and appropriate. Kudos! Logan stayed up a bit late to watch the performance. He is a serious Muse fan. If you missed the performance, check it out below:

And there was lots of stuff that wasn't televised that I would have liked to see. But I realize that the Team LT musical tastes are what the masses are craving. Here are some photos though:

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Neil Young = awesomesauce.

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Megadeth! \m/
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Markie Ramone

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Half of Lamb of God (Chris and John)

What were the highlights of the Grammy Awards for you?

Did you even watch?

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