Monday, 28 February 2011

Tawny Bee's Oscars Fashion Round Up

Was it just me or was this year's Oscars boring? And I'm not talking about the speeches and the hosting. The fashion was kinda meh as well.

I thought about what I was going to do for best and worst dressed today and couldn't really come up with anything outstanding to say about the dresses.

So instead I'll talk about accessories! Because, oh my, there were some doozies!

Let's start with the best:

1) Natalie! Her baby bump was a pretty cool accessory. But those fringe earrings were awesome! I love!

2) Sandy - you can do no wrong in my book. OK so you're not wearing any accessories. Your sense of humour and awesomeness is enough of an accessory to get on my list. When you called Jeff Bridges "Dude" I peed a little and then making fun of Franco for being on General Hospital. So funny! I'm with half of Twitter in calling for you to host the Oscars next year. Too awesome.


3) Reese - you know how to rock a ponytail! It look like you just chopped off a real horse tail and coiffed it onto your head and make it look spectacular. I'm not a really big fan of blondes (only cuz I'm a brunette and bitter) but you my dear are wearing one of the best accessories of the evening - your beautiful blonde ponytail. Gorgeous little filly.

And to the hideous:


1) Helena - I expect you to be wacky, but seriously ... what is with the Union Jack garter? Yipes!

2) Amy Adams - A necklace over top of your gown? NO!

2) Nicky - why? why the orange shoes? Since we are talking accessories, I won't say anything about that dress - free pass on that hideousness. Let's talk ponytails though. Yours is so sad and limp, darling. I think you need to take a look at Miss Reese (above) as an example of how a ponytail should look.

Of course, I'm not a fashion expert nor am I even remotely fashionable in my real life, so all of my opinions don't matter at all. I'd be permanently on the worst dressed list sitting here in my pajama pants while the kids snooze. :P

What were the highlights of the show for you? Or did you even watch? Any fashions that I should have featured?


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I agree with all your calls except the Amy Adam one - I like the necklace over the dress and see nothing wrong with it, I think the contract is nice and something different
and yes, Sandra's introductions of the best actor nominees were the highlight of the show!
I don't even remember who did the actress ones, just that it was lame...

Jennie said...

I can't believe you went against the Bonham Carter! I thought she'd be right up your alley. ;-)