Friday, 25 February 2011

Potty Training Part Deux

*Sigh* What are we going to do with this girl?

We *just* finished potty training Logan. It took forever! It was rough. I thought we had a bit of a break before starting in on that again. Lane is only 18 months old. So a 6 month buffer at least, right?


Not our girl.

This is what we run into when walking into our bathroom at any given moment during the day.

She's practicing. Well, she thinks she's actually going, but she's not quite there mentally yet.

She watches her brother very intently when he goes. So much in fact that we've made him start closing the door when he's in there. You see, our little baby girl will whip off her pants and stand in front of the toilet and making psssss noises. Oh dear.

As a result of this mixed up message, I'm now leaving the door open and inviting her in when I go. All the while explaining that girls sit when they go.

The other day, Lane pulled off her pants and came over to me chanting, "poop, poop." I told her that she wasn't ready yet. So she went over to the closet where we keep the portable potty and tried to break in. Again I said, "You're not ready." And you know what the little stinker did? She pooped in her diaper, right in front of me, with all the red faces and everything. Gah!

I guess she is ready.

I better go out and get her a Potty Training Achievements poster board.

Let's do this!

1 comment:

Hannah said...

My 18 month old also wants to toilet train!
We've had success on the potty, but its sporadic.

Whats more frustrating is that her 2.5 yr sister is not at all interested!!

Good Luck!