Saturday, 26 February 2011

Patching My Anxiety

This week has been a little slow going for me. I've had a brutal cough and so has Logan. Bleh. Terry stayed home on Thursday just to watch Lane so that I could get some rest. But did I get rest?

No... not really...

I was too busy staring at this:

Our little Lane has been learning how to climb up onto our bed all by herself. In the process though, she's been destroying the hand stitched quilt that we have on the bed. She grabs a chunk of the quilt and pulls her entire weight up until she gets where she wants to go.

Some of you remember this quilt. It's the one that I hand stitched for 2 years while I was in university, way back before I knew anything about quilting. It isn't anchored properly to the back (I tied it off with a few knots). Easily destroyed.

But we love it so much. It's made out of a lot of our old clothes and it was the first really huge upcycle project I ever attempted. Very special to us.

I realized that I'd be spending some quality time on this quilt while recovering from heart surgery. And this sad state is going to make my anxiety climax into rage. Better to patch it up now that risk some sort of psychological break later :)

Isn't that better? OK - so it isn't a professional quilt, but it's our very favourite and getting to add some upcycled material from the kid's baby clothes is a huge bonus! Only about 10 more patches to go!

My sanity is saved for yet another day or two.

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