Monday, 21 February 2011

A Non-Holiday

It's supposed to be a holiday today in Manitoba - Louis Riel Day.

Terry works for the Federal Government and it's not a holiday in some provinces. Therefore, it's not a holiday for us either :(


So, I'm not much in a talkative mood. I'll leave you with some questions that I've been pondering.

I want to get an eBook reader to take with me to the hospital and for my recovery. No sense taking a pile of books along when I can load a bunch on one device.

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Kobo or Kindle?

I gotta admit, I'm leaning more towards Kobo right now, but if you have a case for Kindle, let me here it.

Kobo has Canadian support and is in Canadian currency and will ship within 2 days. I've heard they are more lightweight. And now they have wi-fi. They don't have a dictionary, but I can always look up words on my phone. And no keyboard, but I'm not intending to write on it.

Oh.. and ... if anyone wants to help me finance one of these readers, that would be swell! Call it a donation to my "get well soon" fund hehehe

What is everyone up to on this non-holiday?


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I vote for the Kobo, I too have been researching and am just waiting for the funds to magically appear in my bank account
just haven't decided which colour..

Anonymous said...

I've never had the urge for an eReader of any type. I love to curl up with a book and can't imagine that being the same with a gadget. I get the desire for less weight and bulk of books though. Sorry I can't offer any advice. Goodluck making your selection!