Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Mommies Rule Too!

I was up to my elbows in soapy water to scrub the floor today when I started thinking about the TEDxManitoba event that is happening one week from today. Did I tell you that I actually got chosen to attend? Only 100 lucky people are chosen to attend this one day conference, and I still couldn't figure out why exactly I got chosen.

There will be lawyers, doctors, media types, computer programmers, and all sorts of varied and interesting people there. Why would they choose a stay at home mommy?

I must have figured that I had something interesting to contribute when I applied way back in November. I just need to remind myself.

So I may spend most of my time cleaning up toys, wiping snotty noses, singing "Skinamerinky Dinky Dink" (over and over), but there must be something....

As I finished scrubbing the kitchen floor, I noticed the little girl had been brewing up a stinky for me to change. I was changing her diaper rather efficiently when it hit me! No, I didn't get a stream of pee in the face (I was changing the girl, not the boy!) But I did realize that no matter what future forward, ground breaking things my fellow professional attendees might have up their sleeves, I still have the most important job on the planet. Mommies are the single most influential person in almost every child's life.

I'm shaping young minds - all day! Every day!

Apparently stinky diaper changes make me grasp at straws ... er... I mean... wax poetic as to why people would find me interesting. This is why I didn't finish law school. Being a mommy is more important to me. I shouldn't be down on myself and think I have nothing to contribute. I have everything to contribute. I'm busy making decisions that are going to effect change on my community every day by working to raise two children into adulthood.

So I'm going to TEDxManitoba with an arsenal of personality and ideas. I'm looking forward to being inspired by the speakers and my fellow attendees.

Wasn't that a silly video? But you get it. Ideas worth spreading.

So if you see me at the TEDxManitoba event next week, I will be the one spreading ideas with a side of baby wipes and jello :D

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