Thursday, 10 February 2011

I Should Be a Millionaire By Now

I'll let you in on a little known secret about me -

I'm awesome at coming up with money making ideas....

I spent one year obsessed with wearing brown and orange. It was extremely hard to come by. Then the next year, all I could buy was brown and orange. By that time, I had moved onto finding a corduroy purse. Difficult until the next year when that's all I could find. Terry thinks it's a weird kind of super power to have.

My ideas don't only work for fashion (although you might wanna ask me before you go purchasing any big ticket items hehehe). When I was little, about 3, I was adamant that they should make flavoured lip balm.

The next year flavoured lip gloss was the next big thing for kids.

(OK - so I looked it up and Lip Smacker actually introduced flavoured lip balm in 1973 and I wanted it in 1980 - but come on! I was 3 or 4 when I came up with this, so my powers didn't have a chance to intensify yet.)

In high school I did an assignment for a young entrepreneurs class in which I outlined that if someone would just put an HMV into the local mall, it would make tons of money. It took about a year, but it was built and opened and made tons of money.

Anywhoo.... All this lead up to announce the next big thing! (or at least the next big thing in my head)

Wouldn't it be awesome if someone would develop a game like RockBand for XBox Kinect or Playstation Move, but instead of pretending to be musicians on stage we could all pretend to act out scenes from famous movies?


Wouldn't you all love to try to play act the De Niro mirror scene from Taxi Driver. Or maybe you'd love to fake out Julia Roberts' laugh from Pretty Woman? Or maybe you'd like to take it over the edge and try to be the chimp from Most Valuable Primate? Whatever you're into...

Much like Rockband, you would be judged by performance, but with Kinect or Move, you could be judged by body movement, delivery of lines, etc.

Oh My Gosh...

I'm brilliant...

This sounds like total fun!!!

The developer could make expansion packs for this game by genre, or actor, or just release a pack with one movie that you can act out with all your friends. Oh the possibilities. :D

*** The above ramblings aren't an advertisement for a new game, but they totally should be! If any readers know if this game idea is in production, let me know. Otherwise - Bill Gates, call me! We'll do lunch.

hehehe I should be a millionaire by now.

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