Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dining Room Chair Slip Covers - A How To (Sorta)

Aren't my new dining room chair slip covers gorgeous? I know!

I was all set to do a tutorial for how to make your very own. But honestly ... everyone's chairs are different and it took me a ton of tweaking and measuring and math the likes of which I haven't done since university. The how to would be just a mess of gobbly gook that you wouldn't be able to decipher anyway. So I'll just show my process, and you can make an attempt if you dare.

First: measure chairs. Take every possible measurement. And make a pattern. I like to make my patterns out of dollar store wrapping paper. Then they look pretty even though they are messy and written on and pinned through hehehe.

Second: Cut out your pattern. I did one long piece for the backs of the chairs. And halfed it essentially for the front top of the chair. Then I measured the sides and seat and made a pattern piece for those. Ended up with 6 pieces. If you're less adventurous, it might be a good idea to do a muslin copy first. This fabric I bought was super expensive (although I got 40% off) household drapery fabric. It's perfect for our red dining room. And very Canadian as a few people have pointed out!

Three: Start sewing it together. I sewed the back piece to the front top piece first. Measure every step of the way. I had my model chair downstairs in the spare room for quick reference.

Four: I started piecing together the bottom and seat pieces. I used clothes pins to hold them in place to make sure of fit before I sewed them all together and finished the seams.

Five: I made a pretty hem with a bit of an open flap so that when Terry starts swinging his ginormous feet around, he won't break the stitching. The flap will allow for lots of wear and tear.

Six: If you have kids that have all manner of booster chairs to sit on, measure and sew in a button hole. Just put the straps through the button hole and you still have pretty covers for the kids.

Now you may wonder why I needed to make slip covers in the first place? Didn't we just get a new dining room table and chairs? Why yes, we did. But look what Lane has done to her chair already! ACK!

Now she can mess up her chair all she wants and I can just slip off the cover and throw it in the wash. (By the way - we cleaned and scotch guarded all the chairs before we put the covers on this past week).

They are so perfect! I'm so in love with this fabric that if I weren't married already - I would totally marry it.

Oh my gosh, I can't stop looking at them. Love, Love, LOVE!

They even look terrific around our messy dining room table don't they?

Has anyone ever tried making slip covers? I'd love to see the results. Add them to the Tawny Bee Flickr Pool if you'd like to share :)


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

wow! you got skills girl, not something I would ever attempt - they look fabulous!!!!

chris said...

Great job! The slipcovers made such a huge difference in your home. Congratulations.

anne maskell said...

You did a fabulous job! I love parson's chairs, but they are so expensive. This is a great way to get the look for less!

Emily said...

They look great! I slip covered mine when my girls were younger, but they were old and anything was an improvement. stop by sometime, domesticdeadline.blogspot.com

Naturally Me Creations said...

What a nice idea to dress up chairs! And a good idea for cleaning them, so much easier indeed! :)

Tnx so much for linking up at my party! :D