Sunday, 27 February 2011

The "Cross My Heart" Top

The top I made for myself can also be called the "Show off my gigantic gash of a scar" top hehehe.

I have caught up on all the sewing I'm going to do before having heart surgery, so I thought I would reward my hard work by making something nice for myself. Actually I'm at the stage before surgery where I get all down on myself and think I'm a loser and that I'm putting too much burden on my family and I hate being weak blah blah blah. I thought I'd nip those feelings in the bud by making something pretty! :D

This top is not only pretty, but it's upcycled too! I made it out of the cuddly wrap that I used to use to carry the kids around in when they were babies. I never really got the hang of tying that thing right and getting the baby to stay in place. My babies were wiggling little people! So I don't have a "before" picture of myself using the wrap. But here is a pretty one from the manufacturer (Peapod)

The fabric was a very strong knit and a beautiful navy blue colour. I chose to use New Look 6572 (View D) - that's the top the model is wearing in the photo.

I didn't change much - just sewed according to the pattern (yeah... you really did read that right - *shock*). I didn't add the bow though and I didn't want to add any fancy trim. I just wanted a nice looking, loose fitting spring top that I could wear after surgery and not have it rub against any of the wrong places. It'll go with almost anything, pants, skirts, capris, whatever.

As you can see, it's fully lined at the top. I didn't have enough cuddly wrap to do the lining in blue as well, so I used some black t-shirt fabric I had. Forgive the terrible picture - the light isn't very nice to photography today and the garment needs a serious pressing. I've been throwing it off and on all afternoon to make sure I get the proper fit. I don't want the girls to be falling out of my new top after all! :P

Logan really needed to be in on all the picture taking. I just used the webcam since Terry was busy cooking dinner upstairs and I didn't want to interrupt and bug him to take photos.

Turned out super nice though. And it's still cuddly!

Coming up: Did I win Oscars Bingo (I have lucky card no. 5)? And my pics for best and worst dressed at the awards. :)


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