Monday, 7 February 2011

Crafty Monday: Class Valentine's

Logan's class is having their Valentine's Day party on Thursday because they don't have school on Fridays or Mondays. So today for Crafty Monday we made Valentine's Day treats for his classmates and some family members as well :D

I got this cute lollipop topper printable from Skip To My Lou. I cut them out and Logan wrote his name on all of them.

Then we folded them over a heart shaped lollipop and punched two holes in the bottom to thread and tie some pretty ribbon.

Logan picked out the ribbon he wanted when we were at Michael's the other day. I think it goes really nice. I even let Logan use the small scissors to cut the ribbon lengths all by himself. What a big boy!

And of course, we had to find something for Lane to do while we were busy crafting these treats. Here she is enjoying her heart shaped lollipop.

She broke it into pieces and got each piece stuck to a different part of herself. Then she touched almost everything in site making everything super sticky. It took a good scrubbing to get all the lint and yuck off of her fingers and face after her adventure with this lollipop. But hey, at least she was quiet for 15 minutes, right?

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Fowl Single File said...

Don't you just love Skip to My Lou's free stuff? I think it's commendable that you let the kids help with the creation of the Valentines - it takes a little extra patience but is very worth it!