Sunday, 23 January 2011

Trained! Phew...

Potty training has been a long difficult battle.

This past weekend, Logan finally went number 2 in the potty! :D

Thank goodness because Terry and I were actually considering forcing him into it by making him sit on the potty until it happened. And we know darn well that tactic would never work with our boy.

They say the smart ones are the most difficult to train. They think about it too much. Work up all that anxiety in their heads until they can't do it.

I'd like to think this was the case with Logan, but it's more than likely our fault that it wasn't done sooner. We were lazy. It was just easier to let him stand on the couch and go #2 in his pull-ups (like he so much enjoyed). That way we would be free to chase Lane around and we'd have 20 minutes of silence from the boy as well! :D

But honestly, how long could that last? Logan couldn't do that sort of thing during kindergarten in September. He certainly can't be doing that when he starts college (heheh I jest, but this could have actually happened given the laziness of his parents - eeep).

Anyway, we were reading the books and trying to figure out all the techniques we could use to move the process along a little faster without permanently scarring our boy for life and decided that a gentle push might help. We had begun telling him that his pull-ups weren't going to fit for much longer. He really likes being called a big boy and now that he's 4, this is especially true. So we told him that 4 year olds don't wear pull-ups and that he would have to at least stand in the bathroom if he had to do a #2.

Instead he decided to try out the small, portable potty that we had bought for him. He got nice and comfortable watching Sponge Bob and all his anxiety was lifted. Voila - we have poopy! :D

And that was the most blessed poopy in all the world!

Our sweet goonie little boy. He posed for this saying that it better look silly. Mission accomplished!

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