Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Team LT Best of 2010 List

Can you believe I haven't done a "Best of the year" list since 2007? Gah!

We've been busy...

or in the case of 2009 - so sick

that in January I didn't remember to post a list.

Well - I have time now because I was a doughhead who let someone convince me that I only needed 3 metres of fleece to make Terry's new robe, when in actual fact I need about 3.9 metres. So that project is on hold until I go back to the fabric store... sigh.

Oh well. Lucky for you. Here is the Best of 2010 as reported on by Team LT:

Best CD:
Terry: The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden
Tawny and Lane: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (yes I'm lame, I'm well aware. But this is seriously the only new CD I've listened to this year and Lane really loves it)

Best Book:
Note: We don't ever have enough time to read books that actually came out in 2010, so this will be a list of our favourite books that we read in 2010)
Terry: Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
Tawny: The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution - Elizabeth Pantley
Logan: Bubble Blowers Beware (Sponge Bob) - adapted by David Lewman
Lane: The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World - Sarah Nash

Best TV Show:
Note: shows that we watched and loved this year - not shows that premiered this year.
Terry: Breaking Bad
Tawny: Hell's Kitchen
Logan: Sponge Bob Squarepants
Lane: Blues Clues

Best Fast Food:
Terry and Tawny: Wendy's - mostly for bacon mushroom melts (Wendy's sent us some gift cards to try their new fries. We both are of the mind that they should have stuck with their old fries. Why change perfection? But they are still our number 1 fast food craving)
Logan: Poutine and Hotdog combo at New York Fries

Best Moment:
Terry and Tawny: our wedding... duh...
Logan: his birthday because he turned 4 which is a big boy and he got to eat lots of cake and blow out a candle

Best Gift Received:
Terry: The car... he thought me pledging my love to him at our wedding as a gift was too cheesy hahaha
Tawny: ever the cheeseball, Terry pledging his love to me at our wedding was my fave gift
Logan: Art supplies from Grandma and Chelsea (paints, stencils, colouring books, markers)
Lane: Tea Set (although she has to fight her brother to actually play with it sometimes)

Best Movie:
Note: movies we saw this year, not movies that actually came out this year
Terry: he says Sunshine if it's any movie we watched this year, or KickAss if it's a movie that came out this year.
Tawny: Sunshine (more on this in a later post. I have a lot to say about this movie. It haunts me everyday)
Logan: Toy Story 3

Best Video Game:
Band Hero - a family consensus

Best Restaurant:
Terry and Tawny: Montana's
Logan: Perkins
Lane: Marigolds (that girl loves her noodles

Well there you have it. Logan's favourite things seem to involve a little yellow, square, spongy type dude. And both Terry and I are seriously behind the times. Almost everything in our faves didn't actually come out this year.

Do you have a stand out fave in 2010? Movie? TV show? Wanna argue about our choices? I'd love to see your Best Of lists. If you have one posted up anywhere, leave me the link to check out.

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