Friday, 28 January 2011

Lane's First Sentence

Oh and what a sentence it is! She uses it rapid fire about a thousand times a day.

In case you didn't quite catch that from the video, Lane would like you all to "STOP IT!"


LaRee said...

Sounds like my 2 year old. She just yells "STOP" at everyone though if she doesn't like what they're doing... BTW I'm racing you on the Hubby bathrobe thing :)
The same day you mentioned making one for Terry, I decided I could make a new one for my guy and its been a fun little journey!

Tawny said...

Hehe These kids are so negative. Lane yells "stop it!" all day at everything and everyone. Sheesh.

I better get my butt moving on that bathrobe. It's been quite the journey so far for me as well! First I let the lady at the fabric store convince me that I only needed 3 metres of fleece. NOPE! So I had to go back, and they didn't have anymore, so I had to go with a coordinating colour. Then I was cutting out the rest and realized that I didn't have a long strip of interfacing for the facings. Ooops. Gotta go back again today. Hehe, I bet you'll win this race. I've run into nothing but obstacles.