Monday, 31 January 2011

It All Started With a Spool of Red Thread

It was Saturday afternoon. I was just getting ready to sew these adorable Spiderman jammies.

Cute eh?

Anyway, I said to myself (I often talk to myself out loud while sewing): "Maybe I should sew these jammies with red thread?"

That's where it started... with this silly spool of red thread...

Terry misheard me and responded with, "You're going to sew in bed?"

Me: "Hehe, I wish I could, but alas no one has figured out how to do that yet."

This is precisely when things got a little goofy. During my heart surgery recovery it would be really handy for me to be able to sew in bed. And not just boring hand-stitched things either. Terry suggested that I should start my Macrame Revolution a little early and learn now. That way I could devise a series of pullies and and a knotted hammock. I could lay in the hammock and have a bunch of pullies - pull on one and my sewing machine comes flying in from the left, pull on another and my pin cushion and other sewing accessories come in from the right.

Yup, there would be me in the middle of a jungle of ropes and knots looking like a mad scientist (or mad sewist if you like), but I'd still be able to get my sewing fix while laid up. If I were any kind of illustrative artist, I would attempt to draw this for you all, but I was not blessed with that talent. The scene would make for an excellent cartoon though don't you think?

Silly red thread - you inspire us to madness.

But aren't these jammies precious?


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

ah, Gutterman thread - it's the best!

Tonya said...

Cute! My son would love those! Thanks for sharing!