Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration in the Mail

This morning I was down in the dumps. I had to arrive at a CT scan appointment at 7:30. Knowing that this appointment was putting me one step further towards impending heart surgery, I was not happy.

Anyway, the appointment went smoothly and I rewarded myself for being a brave little soul by buying myself some pretty metallic nail polish and a Slurpee on the way home :D

Due to the heart rate lowering drug, the nitro and all the dye they injected into me, I had a massive headache and felt kind of blah all day. But watching two active little people, made for no breaks. At one point this afternoon I decided to carry Lane upstairs just to keep her from destroying her brother. A little separation makes the heart grow fonder, no? So I checked the mail while I was up there.

And what I saw made my day! :D :D :D

Thank you to Ruth, an amazing Winnipeg artisan who recycles computer parts into awesome jewelry. Seriously... geek art is the best! She sent me Macrame books that she had collected and was saving for someone who might be able to use them. Even though I told her that sending them in the mail would be expensive, she still did it anyway. Sneaky! And I really needed this pick-me-up today. I'm so grateful.

What wonderful inspiration!

So many ideas and beautiful, easy, beginner projects to try out. And would you just look at that dress on the front cover? I need that dress! Here's a close up:

This dress is inspiration enough to learn this new-to-me art. It totally reminds me of my neighbour Elaine's style. Oh to be good enough to make this dress - that is my goal. Then I will make one for me and one for Elaine and one for my sister who is a bit of a 70s nut. So beautiful.

I can already think of several housewares-type projects I can create with inspiration from these two books. I love our Chinese lanterns in the diningroom, but it's incredibly difficult to see while eating in the wintertime. I think that making a lamp shade with an Eastern flare might be on the list. :)

And this one will be the most useful. There are plenty of pictures of the basic knots and more complicated ones, plus tips on selecting materials and beginning and finishing off macrame projects. It even has a section on micro-macrame. Yay!

These knotted watchbands blow my goofy fabric ones out of the water. Must learn... must learn...

Thank you again Ruth for all the glorious inspiration. It makes me excited to learn a new craft!

How about you? Do you have a something new that you want to learn this year? Want to join the "bring back Macrame" revolution that I'm gonna start? hehehe


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

awww! you are so sweet!
So glad I could make your day, and that you see things in these books that I didn't even notice!
Enjoy them in good health, looking forward to seeing your creations.

Naturally Me Creations said...

I think you can make such lovely things out of macrame! It's something that i'd like to try too...but what i want to learn first is calligraphy! :)
Tnx for the follow! :)