Thursday, 6 January 2011

He Needs To Go Back

Remember back in September when I was being a baby about my little guy going to pre-school?

And remember the oh so many problems we had adjusting to said pre-school?

Never mind all that.

The boy needs to go back.

The holidays were wonderful... but if I have to live another day with two kids picking fights with each other all day, I'm going to go bonkers with a side of bananas!

Three hours a day apart from each other for three days a week is bliss. Logan has a chance to interact with kids his own age and burn through all his energy in the classroom - all while learning new things. And Lane has a chance to be a little girl and have some time to herself without her brother picking at her, throwing toys at her, tickling and pushing her, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the two of them love each other. But love can hurt! They torture each other with their mutual admiration and awe of each other. They follow each other around all day and whatever one is doing, the other immediately wants to join. They push, throw, shove, kick, pinch - thankfully no biting yet.

Tuesday the 11th can't come fast enough...

This is what bonkers with a side of bananas looks like. Not pretty.


Periwinkle Dzyns said...


try putting some chocolate sauce on it, that always helps :)

Jennie said...

Last term I had my two-and-a-bit-er (not 'biter') in care just one morning a week, and I am desperate to get that one morning back! It's summer here and I've got another whole month to wait before the program starts up again!

Jennwith4 said...

"And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!"