Monday, 24 January 2011

Get Into the Kitchen With Your Sassy Self

About 2 years ago I made myself an apron to wear around the kitchen. I was busy baking bread all the time and I was pregnant, so I was huge and awkward, which made for tons of messes! I didn't like the apron I made though. It was the traditional full apron with big pockets and ruffles. Gah! Too much stuff to worry about. I could never get the straps right and it was too heavy and awful. By the time I figured out how to get the thing on, I didn't feel much like baking.

I finally got around to making one that I think I'll actually use! Yay me!

And it's a little bit sassy! Double yay!

Super cute half apron. No pockets or cumbersome strappy things. Just streamlined and light. And the fabric - oh my goodness - I love this fabric so much! I've been saving it up for something special like this.

A close up of the front. I like the wide belt because I tend to splash the most right there. Originally I had the straps too short to reach around and tie in the front, but I decided to change that. I like the look and the ease with a front tie.

But tying in the back isn't too big a deal either.

Here's a close up of the fabric because I love it so much! Look at those sweet children in the boat. There is some sort of magical frog there too. It's all very magical and dreamlike. Did I mention I love this fabric?

Love it!!!

One last look because it's so sweet and sassy. I only wish I had a dress form to model it for you (like the one in the tutorial - link below). Doesn't it make you want to bake up something sweet and sassy? I'm sure all the food I cook while wearing this apron will automatically be delicious hehehe

I used the tutorial featured on Sewing in No Man's Land - it's called the Sandalwood Apron in case you wanted to make your own :)

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