Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Crayon Roll - Birthday Present

Logan has been invited to his little friend from school's birthday party on Saturday. This is his first birthday party invitation!

While my social anxiety is at the max, Logan is very excited about going to the YMCA and hanging out with his buddies. I am guessing they are going to need at least one parent to stay at the party with their child. I wonder what I'm going to have to give Terry to get him to do it. Way too much stress for me on a Saturday.

Logan tells me, "There is a song about the YMCA on Band Hero mommy, and I'm going there for a birthday party." Hehe, so cute! Maybe I oughta teach him the YMCA dance?

And so the never ending birthday present buying begins. I'm sure there will be several parties in Logan's future. He's a pretty friendly, and awesome guy. We've started late in the game for most people. Logan and Lane have no cousins their age nearby (move to Winnipeg Anita!) to practice with.

What to get for a 4 year old boy? You know me - it's gotta be handmade.

I opted for the quick and easy crayon roll.

I got this Spiderman fabric the other day because I love it and Logan loves Spiderman. I knew because of the serious amount of red in it that I couldn't make anything that needed to be washed over and over again. The red would surely fade out right away. This crayon roll was the perfect project!

I used this tutorial from Skip To My Lou.
I only modified it a bit to fit 24 instead of 16 crayons (since I bought a package of 24 earlier today).

Check out how I got the Spiderman title to fit in the bottom corner. So pro!

I also picked up a birthday card and a large pad of construction paper to go along with the present.

What do you think? Good enough for a birthday present? We don't want to spend a pile of money on a bunch of "made in China" toys. This is a creative and useful gift, but still fun and handmade :)

Terry has now requested one for himself. Maybe I can make him one to put his pens in at work?

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anita said...

Tawny, this is so AWESOME!!! I have been on the birthday party circuit for a few years now, and this is by far one of the coolest gift ideas...handmade, practical, and hey, it's got Spiderman on it...what's not to love??

p.s. though Winnipeg is not in our future, I wish we lived in the same town too. Would be so much fun for the kids to grow up together as C & D don't have any cousins to play with either. So you have to move to the west coast!!