Friday, 21 January 2011

Crafty Friday: Valentine's Day Heart Garland

I know it isn't Crafty Monday yet, but Logan woke up with a hankering to paint. You can't fight that. And I'm never one to turn down getting my craft on!

So we broke out the artist smock and the paints. I cut up 6 big heart from some card stock. And Logan went to work painting them all with pretty colours.

Even Laney helped... well she tried to steal the paints, lost a pile of crayons in my fabric stash somewhere and caused a general amount of mayhem.

We did manage to keep her interested in her own little art desk for awhile though.

Logan is very serious about his painting. He barely gets any paint on his clothes or fingers. What kind of pre-schooler is this? A mama's dream - that's what.

***Notice that my fabric stash in the background is looking a little bare (and surrounded my Laney's mayhem) :( I need to do some serious fabric shopping! ****

We then had a fun time using the hole punch. Logan really likes that little device. I threaded all his hearts onto a long piece of ribbon. And ta da! A beautiful Valentine's Day heart garland.

As always, Logan wanted to hang it in the front window for all to see. We took down the snowflakes that we made a few months ago and replaced the decorations with this fancy garland. So if you're driving by, check it out! Way cool!

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