Monday, 17 January 2011

Birthday Party Pandemonium

As you know from a previous post, Logan was invited to his first birthday party. At the YMCA!

He was terribly excited about the big event and had a blast.

I was lucky - I convinced Terry to take him to the party where he watched our little boy have a pile of fun with 26 other kids. I stayed at home and spent some quality time with Lane :)

There was a gigantic slide, a jumper, hot dogs, Cheetos, cupcakes, and other fun kid pandemonium.

Terry sent me this picture of our little man enjoying himself. I'm so proud of him. A year ago (actually probably even 2 months ago) Logan would have worked up so much anxiety over the whole thing that it would be a struggle to get him to enjoy himself. But now, since he's been in pre-school, he's so much more social and has less stress about things like this.

He came home and told me that he was going to write all of his friend's names down so that he would remember to go to their birthday parties. :D Awwwww...

I guess that means we'll have to actually plan a birthday party for him when he turns 5 at the end of the year - eeeeps!

And Logan's friend liked his birthday present. Well the kids didn't really pay much attention to the presents, but I have it on good Terry authority that the parents really liked the crayon roll.

At least we know that Logan liked it as well. He insisted that I make one for him too since he had to give one away.

So voila! A SpongeBob crayon roll for my little man!

I totally nailed the placement of the ric rak this time. Patrick and SpongeBob are riding around in boats and the words say "Am I winning yet?" hehe. Kid cool.

Next up: A little girl's obsession with puppies.

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