Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bad Mom Day and Cute Puppies!

Yup - and this is an improvement on the temperature that we really woke up to today. It was -33 and felt like -45 when we woke up. Eeeep!

Now I totally expect this kind of thing. I live in Canada after all. But today I just couldn't take it. My circulation is terrible and no matter how much long winter underwear, sweaters, snowpants I put on, I still can't get my limbs to work in -32.

If I were working, I might have been fine. I would just arrive at work super early and really work on getting the circulation back into my fingers. I wouldn't be able to feel my feet until halfway through the day, but I'd be OK. No kids to lug around.

Being a stay-at-home mom though, this wasn't going to fly today. For my American readers, school is not canceled - EVER - for this type of weather. Buses may refuse to drop the students off at school, but the students are still expected to go. Living only a block away from the school, we're definitely expected to get our kids to school in the morning.

Unfortunately, there was no way my limbs were going to cooperate enough today to get both kids and myself dressed up in all the winter gear required, buckle the baby into the sled, pull that sled to the school, carry the baby in all her winter gear into the classroom, help Logan get his winter gear off, drop him off, and then buckle the baby back into the sled and pull her home.


I actually thought about taking the car the block to the school, since we have auto-start and heated seats. But with every parent thinking the same thing, the cars would be parked all the way to where our house is anyway and I'd still have to muster up enough energy in the cold to buckle both kids into their car seats and then unbuckle them both and carry Lane a half block to the school. Bleh ...

These are the days when I actually look forward to my upcoming valve replacement surgery. If I could only have a little bit more circulation then -33 would be my bitch! hehehe

So I'm being a terrible mom and Logan is having a snow day today.

In other news, the puppy-obsessed little girl just added a new prize to her growing list of treasures.

Lane just loves her some puppies. She has puppy posters, puppy books, puppy bibs, puppy t-shirts, and now ...

a puppies blanket!

I made this super cute baby blanket for her on the weekend.

When I saw this fleece at the fabric store on the weekend, I had to buy it! Who could resist?

Aww... and I did not too terrible a job on the blanket binding. Go me!

Does that make up for being a terrible mom today? Probably not, but it's going to be a positively balmy -12 tomorrow - so the boy is getting his butt to school for sure!


Anonymous said...

You are not a bad mom for taking care of yourself.

Jennie said...

Minus thirty-two? Ludicrous! Can't believe schools wouldn't be closed at that temp. In Victoria (Australia) the rule is that if the temp gets to 40oC students get sent home. I think this is because most public schools don't have air-con. What the students are meant to do when kicked out into the street in 40oC heat while their parents are at work I don't know...