Saturday, 31 December 2011

The L-T Experience's Top 10 "Experiences" of 2011

Since everyone seems to be doing these end of the year round up lists, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and get going with mine.  Much easier said than done because I still don't have my computer back. 

But I press on....

Here are our top 10 Experiences for 2011:

10) Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Our wedding was the big news in 2010, but this year we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary - and that's cool as well.

9) Life Postponed:

I developed a killer cough right before we were supposed to go to Edmonton for my heart surgery.  I had to call and postpone the entire thing for a month.  Brutal.  I hate waiting.  But it all worked out.

8) Lane Gets a Big Girl Bed:

Our little girl did her share of growing this year. She's no longer a baby and needed to move up to a big girl bed from her baby crib.

7) Family Vacay:

We packed the kids in the car and spent a few days up in Thompson this past summer.

6) Halloween:

Thing One and Thing Two were released upon our little neighbourhood and allowed to run amok collecting candy wherever they went!

5) Our Little Girl turns 2:

We had an outdoor BBQ party for Lane and she was the bell of the ball all evening.

4) Our Little Boy turns 5:

Our little man is 5 and he had his very first birthday bowling party with all this little friends.  Chaos reigned.

3) Logan goes to Kindergarten:

What? Our boy is old enough to go to real school?  How did that happen? 

2) A goodly amount of weight loss:

This year Terry and I really decided that we would work at shedding a few pounds.  Terry has lost 20 lbs so far and I've lost 15!

And the number one most life changing experience this year was...

Like you couldn't guess?

1) Tawny gets a new heart valve:

We moved our lives to Edmonton for a week and came back a very changed family.  For the better!  I'm healthier, stronger and more able to be the good mommy and wife that my family needs.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Handmade Holidays: Purchases

This year I decided to take it easy with all the handmade gifts and order a few of them for my friends and family.  Easing the load of sewing was a terrific idea, and I got some wonderful stuff.

I can show you the handmade purchases now that everyone has opened their gifts.

I bought these funky popsicle-looking soaps from London City (A Zibbet shop from Toronto).

There were also peppermint ones in this style of soap for Christmas - red, white and green.  Pretty! 

Next, while on the theme of soap, I got these geekily awesome soaps for my brother and one of our friends:

These were purchased from Digital Soaps on Etsy.

I got this cool clock for Terry to put in his office from The Golfing Dolphin on Etsy:

And of course you already saw Laney's crocheted Elmo Hat.  Although Lane will tell you that Mrs. Claus crocheted it for her.  hehehe Apparently Knitty Momma on Etsy is Mrs. Claus.

It looks like my computer isn't going to be back until after this long weekend.  *sigh* - so the big New Year blog posts and series that I'm planning will have to be put on hold some more.  bleh... I just really want my computer back.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Year Thirty

My awesome husband turns 30 today!

Happy Birthday Terry!

And I am the world's worst birthday documenter.

Yesterday we went out for dinner with a friend who is back in town after having moved to Ottawa last summer.  I totally spaced and forgot to tell the Montana's wait staff to sing happy birthday to Terry and make him wear that incredibly ... ahem... sexy ... Viking Helmet.

Then tonight we went out for Indian food with some more close friends.  This time I brought my camera to snap a few shots of the birthday boy and I totally spaced again.

At this point in the blog post, I would normally just grab a picture of Terry that I had taken a few days ago and fudge it a little to say this was a super incredible picture taken... maybe today... But I don't have my computer back yet, so that's not gonna fly.

So Terry: I love you. You are my soul mate and I want to spend every minute of the next 30 years by your side. :D

Lane and I dressed up to go to dinner tonight and Terry (because he's not a total space cadet like me) snapped a photo of us, so that will have to do....

We all love you babe! Happy Birthday!

From Tawny, Logan and Lane.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday Weigh In: Size 8!

I still don't have my computer back, so handmade holidays is still on hold.

But I can point your attention up to the address bar on this blog.

See it?

Notice anything different?

OMG - Terry got me a website for Christmas!

A whole website!

Go there, check it out!  We are still working at making it the way I want.  It's still rough.  But isn't it a thing of beauty?  I'm so excited about it!

Once we get it into a workable website, I'll have a big launch for everyone.  Until then, every time you read this blog, take a look up at the address bar where it says that this blog is on my WEBSITE!  And it's OK to smile a little when you see it.  I do every time :)


Now onto the weigh in.

I was at the Thrift Store with the kids today and thought it would be nice to find a dress to wear to Terry's birthday dinner tomorrow night.  The kids were busy playing with the toys, so I skulked over to the dress section.  I started at size 16 - because those dresses usually fit me best.  :(

I tried on one.  Way too big.  So I moved on over to the size 13/14 section.  Still the dress were too big.  Huh?

I finally settled on a pretty purple dress for tomorrow and I couldn't resist picking up this little gold number while I was at it.


And they are both size 8!  I just about broke down right there in the store and cried.  And cried and cried.


No more double digits for me!


Starting Weight: 174 lbs 09/12/11
Current Weight: 159 lbs 12/28/11
Target Weight: 150 lbs

Weight Change: 15 lbs (15 whole glorious lbs!)
Remaining to Lose: 9 lbs
Avg. Lost Per Week: -1 lbs

Look at that flat butt.

I still have some tummy fat to lose (9 more lbs), but holy smokes!  When did this happen?

 And that slit.  Yummy!

Now the only problem I am having is that I have no place to actually wear this dress - nooooo!

So there you have it - the two best presents I could have received for Christmas.  A website and a new heart valve (which in turn helped me finally lose 15 lbs). :D

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Holiday Pause

Now that everyone has opened their presents I was so ready to show you all of the handmade goodies that I made for everyone this year. I wanted to show you the pajama aliens I made for my kids and all the patchwork place mats, tea towels, and oven mitts I made.  I wanted to show you all the handmade things I ordered for friends and family. 


But my computer is still at the shop awaiting its new power supply.  And along with it are all the photos I took of my various projects .

So I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for all that good stuff.

Here are some fun pics of my kids from Christmas morning though.

And I will take a Holiday Pause for a few days until my computer comes back. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Sale at Tawny Bee

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a very happy holiday!  I sure did.  Due to lack of a computer (I'm still working off a laptop), I'll post a Christmas Day series of photos and events when I get a new power supply.

Until then...

Are you braving the crowds to go out on Boxing Day?  Have you spotted any great deals that I just need to check out?

Or are you hiding from all that hoopla and doing some online shopping instead?
For those of you who are doing just that, Tawny Bee is having a Boxing Day sale!

Do you really need a Lost Socks Keeper now that the holidays are ending and the laundry is piling up?

Or maybe you have a party coming up and need a pile of friendship bracelet favours?

Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to some pretty pretty fabric!

I've got you covered, plus everything else (including already sale and marked down items) are on sale for 15% off.

If you shop on Etsy, you'll need this coupon code: BOXTHEBEE
Enter it when it asks at the checkout and you'll get your 15% off.

If you'd rather not worry about coupon codes, head on over to Tawny Bee on Zibbet where the entire shop is marked down 15% already! :D

The sale will run until New Year's Day! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Case of The Possessed Balloons

The other day I was busy making Lane some lunch.  She eats a hotdog Every. Single. Day.

As I was boiling it up, I saw one of our helium balloons float up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Not that strange. The kids love to send those things floating up the stairs.  But then I realized that the kids were playing downstairs, no where near the balloon.  Oh well...

I cut up the hotdog and got it ready to take downstairs.  The kids get to eat in front of the TV during the week.  It's the only way I get a bit of a break while eating.  I came back upstairs and the balloon had floated all the way across the kitchen and its string was resting in the hotdog water.  Gross.

Our awesome neighbours gave these balloons to the kids over a month ago and they are still floating.


Later that day, Terry was working at his desk when he had a strange feeling...

He looked behind him....


The feeling wouldn't go away....

So he looked behind him again...

Dun Dun Duhhhhh...

There was the balloon!


So now it's become a game.  The possessed balloons follow us everywhere.  They have minds of their own.  They randomly float up the stairs.  They even make it down the hall and into the bedroom.

How do they get there?

OK... well sometimes it's us putting the balloons in opportune spots for a laugh.  Sometimes they really just get there by themselves.

We're both waiting for these balloons to finally lose their helium.

Enough with the possessed balloons stalking us night and day!

 **** Note: Terry is not giving the middle finger to the Breast Cancer Awareness that these balloons promote.  He is flipping off the ghosts that are inside there stalking us, laying in wait for us, waiting for us to drop our guard before they pounce!***

**** Note: I may be a tad dramatic, but these balloons are really starting to freak us out.****

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Handmade Holidays: Android Tablet Sleeve

My brother emailed me with the exciting news that he bought an Android Tablet for himself for Christmas.  Ooooohhhhh.... fancy.

He said that he really loves the laptop sleeve I made him a few years ago and was wondering if I could make a smaller one for his brand new toy.

Ummm... does he know me?

Of course I can!

He included the measurements in the email and I went to work.  You may remember my Kobo Kozy tutorial?  I used it for this tablet sleeve as well. :)

I found some denim and some fleece for the inside.

I inquired about what picture I should put on it.  Terry verified for me that this little green guy is indeed the Android robot.  So I thought that would work perfectly.

I ironed the larger picture on the back of the sleeve and a smaller version on the top corner of the flap.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Davan has already opened the gift, so I was able to share it early.  And he likes it!  He really likes it!

Was there any doubt? ;P

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tried It Tuesday: Perler Mario Ornaments

This past weekend, Logan and I worked on some Perler ornaments.

I got the Perler pattern for these fun Marios in a stocking from this blog.

I even made the original Mario without the Santa hat.  And Logan was busy making ornaments for his teachers.  He's made a star, a circle, a square and hexagon.  He's a little bit bead obsessed.  But it's good, it's keeping him busy and each one is becoming more and more a work of art and concentration.  He's starting to place geometrical patterns in the colours and positions of each bead.  I can just see his mind at work while he places each one carefully in the chosen spot.

I wrapped the Marios up and Terry took them to work for a gift exchange.  Pretty sweet gift eh?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Macrame Monday: Fabric Wrapped Hangars

When Lane and I need a break from cleaning house, baking, laundry, etc. we head on out to our favourite Thrift Store to hunt for treasure.  Just last week, we had one of those days...

And the thrift store made everything better!  We found Sesame Street Fabric, a huge bag of Perler beads, some vintage orange Macrame cord and a bag full of t-shirt yarn.

Ooooh, so many things to make!

So today, we are going to use the t-shirt yarn (and our Macrame skills) to make these pretties!

First we start with a pile of t-shirt yarn.  If you want to make your own t-shirt yarn I found this really great tutorial to help.  And of course we need an old hangar.

And basically you get a long strip of t-shirt yarn, fold it in half and start doing a chain of square macrame knots at the very top of the hangar. 

Continue the knots until you've covered the entire hangar and then tie it off in a neat little bow.

In case you forget how to do the square knot - here is the post where I show you how to tie it.

Instead of using 2 cords folded in half, I only use 1 and the hangar acts as the middle "filler" cords. :)

If you run out of cording, you can always keep going with another (or the same ) colour without too much of an interruption.  I just stuffed the ends of the first cords into the centre, tied some new yarn onto the hangar and kept on square knotting.

Then make more!

Because they are oh so pretty!  And strong!

I'm thinking about including one of these wrapped darlings in the Lost Socks Keepers that I sell in shop.  But maybe they are too pretty to be covered up by the keepers.  In any case, I might include one (for a limited time) and the new owner can take it out, replace it with an old hangar and use the pretty one elsewhere in the house.

Should I?  Or should I just hoard them all for myself? :P


Sharing my latest project with:

The More The Merrier Monday - DIY Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chaos and Plenty of It

I'm tired today.  I think  I'm still recovering from Logan's birthday party on Saturday.

The party was definitely a success, but I'm still reeling from those two hours of chaos.

I don't know how Kindergarten teachers do it.

Those kids are positively feral.

Have you ever watched that Disney Cartoon called Recess?

They always portray the Kindergartners on the show as tribal.  Running around like wild children with fingerpaint all over their faces, wearing nothing but grass skirts etc.

Here's a pic:

I felt like I was in the middle of all of these tribal little kids at the party.  They have so much energy. Phew! If I could find a way to bottle that energy I'd be a bagillionaire!

I'm still exhausted.

On a side note: I got the picture of a scene from Recess from this site where you can watch some of the episodes as well.  Lane and I have been having a good time this morning watching a few of them :)  And no, I'm not getting paid, or even asked to write this, I just thought it was a fun find. :)

Here's the link to the Wild Child episode where the main characters have to look out for a Kindergartner. Kind of like Book Buddies in Logan's school heheheh

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday Weigh In: Christmas Tree!

Are you tired of reading that I've gone no where with the weight loss plan again?

Cuz I sure am tired of typing it.

Yet, that's where we are again this week.

I'm still at 160 lbs. I have still lost 14 lbs and need to lose 10 more.

In other words - no change.

I think I'm going to kick this weight loss plan into high gear this week.  I seem to be slipping.  Last week I cheated 3 times!  I need to get back on track.


So ... here is a nice picture of a mini tree I made out of a tomato cone, some dollar store lights and an extra piece of garland.  It sits beside our regular tree which we also picked out and decorated this past weekend.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Holiday Card Garland

Every year we receive so many beautiful holiday cards in the mail.  I love them so much that I want to display them for all to see.  I usually end up pinning some ribbon up on both ends to hang the cards from.

This year, I decided to make something more beautiful for the display. 

Although... I admit... I might have made it too beautiful to actually hang cards from.  I might just leave it as it is now and use the ole' ribbon trick for the cards hehehe


I'm afraid that my photography skills don't live up to the prettiness of this card garland.  Taking photos on a red background is rough.  But I assure you, it's super pretty!

 I started by making some ornaments to hang on the garland.  Two gingerbread people.

A Logan and a Lane heart ornament.

And the Team LT gingerbread house.

I used a spool knitted white rope as the garland.  I glued some pom poms onto it and a pretty bow on each end.

Now, do I dare hang cards on it? 

Hmmm... maybe just a few....