Sunday, 12 December 2010

This Post Brought To You By The Number 4

Logan turned 4 yesterday! What a super creative, awesome, smart, funny, handsome little boy ... um... I mean BIG BOY :)

A few weeks ago we went into the Toys R Us Express at the mall and Logan picked out this truck. He wanted it right away, but I told him he would have to wait for his birthday. He remembers small exchanges like this and would have totally called me on it if we hadn't ponied up with the truck.

He loves it! He played with it all day yesterday and was even feeling charitable enough to let his sister check it out.

Our wonderful friends (and godparents to our children) Josh and Mel gave Logan a Play dough set for his birthday. He spent a couple of hours playing with it up on the diningroom table so that Lane wouldn't get into it. Logan made one heckuva good looking burger there on the plate. Of course, like all Play dough, by the time we were done it had become a mixed up mess that looked mostly red and brown. Oh well, I have a recipe to homemade Play dough that I'll have to try out when Logan demands new colours.

There are some mothers who attempt (and succeed!) at making a pretty birthday cake. I'm not one of these mothers. I can't ice a cake to save my life. So Safeway came to the rescue.

Logan kept saying phrases like, "There is a birthday boy here," and "Guess who turns 4 today?" all day yesterday. So cute! He was so happy to have his special day. And he really enjoyed blowing out the number 4 candle on his cake.

To make the day even more special for him, we went to look at the Winter Wonderland Christmas display at Red River Exhibition Park. It's a drive through light display that is up every year. Totally fun for kids and adults!

We stopped at Timmies on the way there and got some Timbits and Hot Chocolate and then, after waking up the kids who had fallen asleep in the back, we went driving through the displays.

It wouldn't be a family outing with our 4 year old without a trip to the most awkward of bathrooms - the porta-potty. Peeing in -20 C didn't seem to phase the little guy at all. He thought it was an adventure! Sheesh...


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Jennie said...

Happy birthday Logan!