Monday, 20 December 2010

Stock Up While You Can Still Afford It!

I was at my local fabric store buying a pile of cotton to turn into Christmas gifts when I heard the news:

Warning to all sewists - the following information is terrifying!

Cotton prices around the world are soaring and demand is rising. The clerk at the store told me to expect a huge jump in price on all cotton fabric in the new year...


I suggest you take the opportunity to stock pile while you can still afford to. I bet there are a pile of year end and boxing day sales to take advantage of. :)

I know most sewists don't need a solid reason to stockpile, but just in case your partner wants to challenge your decision to bring 100 metres of quilting cotton into the house, you now have an excuse.

I'm always a skeptic and immediately thought this might be a ploy to get a fabric-o-holic like myself to hoard a bunch of cotton during their next big sale. I did a little research however and it's legit.

A few sites that offer more information:
Cotton 24/7
CNN Money
Cotton Incorporated
(Even yarn is affected) Textile World

What do you think? Will polyester make a comeback in your 2011 sewing projects?

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