Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Popcorn Incident

Raising a boy with a heightened awareness of everything around him has its benefits. Logan has a photographic memory, so I hardly ever lose anything (I have a photographic memory as well, but tend to be a lazy mommy sometimes). He'll tell you when a lightbulb burns out, when anything is out of place, when there's a funky odor in the house, when his sister isn't feeling well. All very useful, helpful things...

Then there are days like Friday morning, when I fail at providing a calming, peaceful environment for my very aware little boy.

It started out as a great day. There was no school, so I decided that it would be the perfect day to write a letter to Santa. I went to this website and got the cutest printable Dear Santa checklist. I helped Logan fill it out and he drew a picture on the page. We put it in an envelope and addressed it to Santa Claus. Very fun stuff. By the way, Logan asked for new puzzles, candy and new pull-ups (?) He's a very practical young man.

After that we decided to make popcorn. We had ordered a popcorn flavouring sprinkle jar from his pre-school fund-raiser and we wanted to try it out. Making popcorn is a very exciting thing to Logan. He loves to watch as I pour the oil in the pot and shake it all about.

I always put three kernels in the bottom of the pot and let them pop first as a test before I pour the rest in the hot oil. I asked Logan to listen carefully for 3 popping noises. Unfortunately, the dishwasher was running and we didn't hear any of the pops.

I checked a few minutes later and the kernels were burning! The oil was making a spluttering, sizzling noise as well. I guess it was hot enough! I poured some more kernels in, thinking it would be fine. Nope!




Logan got really quiet.

I grabbed the bowl and dumped this first burnt batch into it. I put the bowl on the table and promised Logan that I would be more careful and make a second batch without burning it.

Too late!

Logan burst into tears and told me to move the bowl away from him. He ran downstairs and hid under his blankets while I successfully made a second batch.

After I was done, Logan informed me, "When you make popcorn, I want to hide downstairs."

Awwww.... fail....

The couch is a pretty good hiding place though. And he doesn't mind if his sister hangs out with him. As long as his binkies (blankets) are near by.

Later that evening Logan insisted that we take out the garbage with the burnt popcorn in it. He told us that he couldn't sleep with it in the garbage in the kitchen. He might hear the sizzling and not be able to sleep. *cry* my poor stressed out little boy.

Not to worry though - I didn't scar him for life. He may not like to be in the kitchen when I make the popcorn, or use the electric mixer, or make hashbrowns (I tend to set off the fire alarm), but he still eats the final product and enjoys it.

And he really loved sprinkling the sour cream and onion flavouring on the properly made popcorn!

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LaRee said...

What a darling family you are! My baby, she turns 2 in a few days!!! waaaa!!! no more baby for a while.... well she runs and climbs up the nearest adult whenever something noisy happens like the vacuum or blender.She hides her face in a shoulder, holding her little hands over her ears. ahh, makes you love them for needing you in the independent stages of their lives.